hard or soft CTA increases conversion

Choosing between hard or soft CTA

In this ab test, we are trying to determine if a hard or a soft CTA would drive more people to progress along the booking funnel. Our hypothesis is that if we use a soft CTA labeled "Continue" more people will be willing to progress to the next stage of the booking process. We think that the Contiki customers are less likely to press on a "Book Trip" CTA at this stage as it is unclear if you will be asked to make a payment immediately after tapping on the button or what exactly is supposed to happen.Environment
  • UK Market
  • 18-35 year-olds
  • 123k recorded sessions
  • 1.5 months of data

The objective of the AB test

To see which CTA label drives to more progression into the booking funnel and increases conversion.
As part of the test we also wanted to monitor the Bounce Rate from booking calendar pages, as well as the user exit rate. The idea is that a soft CTA would also improve the bounce and exit rates since people would be more curious to proceed/stay in the funnel instead of leaving it.
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Analyzing the results of the test

The winning version in this test is Version B. Even though both versions perform almost equally, the version with the soft CTA drives 1.7% more traffic into the booking funnel. Consequentially, the second version of the test has also lead to a 0.07% increase in the overall conversion rate.

Highlights of the soft CTA winner

Bounce Rate-2.3%
Exit Rate+1.4%
Returning UsersNo change
Users proceeding into the booking funnel+1.7%
Conversion Rate+0.07%
Although with the label change there is a small increase in the exit rate, we still consider it to be the winning version as it improves the overall booking flow performance.