About AISNSim

AISNSim is a UI simulator game for PC that was based on the original SyFy TV Series Stargate Atlantis.

It was built for the community of sci-fi lovers and fans of Stargate and allows you to enter one virtual world where the player is in charge of the operating system of Atlantis (The City of the Ancients) from their own computers.

Players had the ability to experience the show more realistically by playing the game at home while watching the series and play out scenarios that were happening in the original storyline.

Project lifecycle

The project was founded in 2007 while Season 2 of Stargate Atlantis was running. This is the first ever product released by d.DOBS Creative (DPProductions at the time).

It was running throughout the entire life cycle of the series and was continued to one year after the show’s final season was released.

In 2010 the game reached it’s highest peak and had over 50,000 downloads with over 20,000 active players from the Stargate Community.

Shortly after the show ended, there were not many new players who were joining the community of AISNSim so a decision was made that the project should end in its current form.

Plans have been made for version 4 but it is still unclear to when and what that would be.

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Product Features

The game was built using Adobe Flash and AS 2.0


The Atlantis gate dialing computer UI

aisnsim gate screen UI
aisnsim hyperdrive screen UI


Star-drive and long range comms UI


Star-drive and long range comms UI

aisnsim hyperdrive screen UI


The UI for encrypting and decrypting data

aisnsim communications screen UI
aisnsim shields screen UI


City shields control UI


City shields control UI

aisnsim shields screen UI


In The Press

“We were absolutely impressed with the work that Dobs has put together in honor of our TV Series and gave the fans out there something more than just a TV experience.”


“”By far – the best simulator game ever built for Stargate Atlantis. We completely love the UI design and all the features that the game reveals as the show progresses through the seasons.””


Product Trailers

2007 - 2011

The project evolved much during its 5 years of life – from 2007 to 2011 – and all thanks to all the feedback I received from our community.

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Product Achievements

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Years of life