The project brief

The marketing team of the client approached me for this project and asked me to create a redesign of their current WordPress website. They already had the brand prepared but their existing site was faced with many challenges, such as slow loading, bad SEO structure, and overall missing experience that leads to conversion.

They are required to have a way for people to book rooms, to have a contact form for table reservations at their restaurant as well as for hotel package booking enquires.

Client: Vizualiza Hotel, Plovdiv, Bulgaria Date: January 2023 Tools: Figma, Adobe CC Skills: Wordpress, Wordpress Design, Wordpress Implementation, Web Design Website:

What was I involved with?

Installing the wordpress CMS

Selecting and installing a wordpress theme

Theme re-branding & set up

Writing custom CSS

Designing and building all landing pages

Installing plug-ins for the website's operation

Uploading all the content & copy

Maintaining translations & copy

Connecting to Google Analytics and other tools

SEO architecture & link structure set up

The re-design process

Before the start of the redesign process, I hosted 2 kick-off workshops in which alongside the hotel’s marketing team we were able to identify:

  • Who are the customers of Hotel Vizualiza?
  • What are the key business factors?
  • Inspiration of websites of other hotels that Vizualiza’s team likes?
  • What is the current state of play – what are the things they like and dislike from their existing website?
  • What is the business perception they would like to have after the redesign?

We hosted our workshop virtually and we used tools such us Zoom, Google Meet and FigJam.

Home Page

The home page makes use of big imagery of the hotel as well as a bold block of solid colour to communicate the brand statement and aesthetics.

Hotel Rooms & Booking

Restaurant Page

Packages & Offers

Gift Cards Shop

WooCommerce Checkout

Wordpress CMS & Technologies

The CMS uses a variety of plug-ins that give extra functionality to the website such us Custom Post Types for the hotel rooms, WooCommerce for the e-Commerce side, WPBakery Page Builder for the landing pages, Yoast SEO for SEO Optimization, Instagram Feed for social feed integration, Google Site Kit for Tracking and more.