For Business Owners

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digital business cards

Digital Business Cards for Apple Wallet

A digital business card that can be added to an iPhone's Apple Wallet and shared via AirDrop, Whatsapp, iMessage, and more. It can represent your business or an individual from that person and link to either the website or the contact details for the representative. Multiple cards for multiple people can be ordered.


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For Bloggers & Marketers

Make the most of your audiences & connect better with them

travel blog newsletter template

Edito – Travel Blog Newsletter Template

A travel newsletter email template suitable for small bloggers that comes in HTML with easy import option to Brevo and other email marketing platforms.


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For UX Designers

Save time and put structure to your design ideas

App Sketchpad Template (Digital Edition)

A digital template for mobile app designers that comes in 3 different background colors. Includes support for ProCreate, FIgJam, and an A4 print-at-home template.


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