Digital Business Cards for Apple Wallet


Product Specification

Platforms Support

Apple Wallet, iOS

About the digital business cards

Digital business cards are a modern way to enhance your business. Instead of printing traditional business cards, you can create a business card and add it to your Apple Wallet either promoting your business or individual-specific business cards.

Each business card has a QR code that can link to your company’s website or create a contact record in the receiver’s phone upon scanning the code.

The digital business cards can also be shared via AirDrop, WhatsApp, or iMessage easily and when needed.

How it works?

Upon placing your order, you will receive a form to fill out with all the necessary details you’d like to include on your business card.

Multiple cards for multiple people or businesses can be ordered.

Delivery time

We would need 1-3 business days to complete your order after you have completed the form sent to you with all the information needed about the business card. When it’s ready we can send you the digital business card via Email or WhatsApp.

Advantages of the digital business cards

  • No printing required
  • Simple to add & share from your phone
  • Can be shown on the go at networking events and other people can scan the QR codes directly from their phone
  • You can carry as many of these cards as you need without them taking space in your wallet


The link to the form will appear upon order completion and is also sent to you in the Order Confirmation email.

The digital business cards will be delivered to you via the specified method in the information form.

Simply open the received file from us on your phone and the card should automatically appear as a Wallet Pass with the option to add it to Apple Wallet.