About the project

GlobalNative was a start-up digital travel community and magazine that connects travellers with hospitality businesses in a post-COVID world.

We created a 2 min marketing video for the promotion of the project for investors and consequentially to be used on social media as well.

Apart from that we worked also on the initial brand concepts and the magazine/community website.

Client: Global Native Date: May 2021 Tools: Audition, Premiere Pro Skills: Video Editing, Voice-over Directing

Voice over direciton

To begin with the process of voice-over direction we needed first to hire a voice-over actor.

I opened a casting on UpWork for voice actors by asking them to record 1 sentence to hear their voice, accent and intonation as part of their application.

After a selection process based on what I needed for the sound feel of the video I picked the voice actor I’d like to work with.

voice over direction

During the collaboration with the voice actor, I provided him with the script for each line of the video as well as a mapping of what kind of intonation I was expecting to hear.

By using that colour code mapping of the script, we were able to arrive at almost 90% accurate voice-over from the first time around.

Audio cut

I worked with a precomposed audio track with purchased license that was close to the mood, direction and feeling of the promo video I wanted to create.

The pre-recorded voice-over track was sliced and arranged on top of the track where each track was exported into a separate audio file before being added to the composition of the video.