The evolution of a brand’s logo

April 26, 2015 - 7 minutes read

growth_evolution_brand_186731432This weekend I did a bit of organisation of my Google Drive and I came across different visuals I have created for my brand – d.DOBS Creative during the years. Let me tell you I laughed a lot.

This actually is not a surprise to anyone who constantly grows and develops his skills. Whenever someone like us – creative people – looks back of what he was doing even a year ago, he would totally end up saying:

Bloody hell, what on Earth have I created!

Now I would like to show you how d.DOBS Creative‘s logo has changed during the years. Let’s look a way back when it wasn’t even called d.DOBS:

In 2006, when I was just 14 years old, for the first time I branded my work with the name: DPProductions, and here it goes…

… drum rolls ...

… my first time when I actually had to create a logo

Yeah … I can’t even begin to explain what actually is going on here. Was this Photoshop? Illustrator? ADOBE? – I don’t think so.

We see a square logo with writing obviously and for some bloody reason I can’t begin to remember why there is a cat’s head popping out from the inside.

And if the cat’s head wasn’t enough, the square logo actually zooms out into infinity creating a mirror-in-a-mirror like effect. Not to mention the horrific usage of colours.

Now you might wonder do I have this logo as an .eps (vector file) – HAHA! No.

Let’s move on, in 2007, I obviously have moved on to a bit more “modern” look and feel of the same brand name. Have a look:


The reason that it’s blurry is because it was screenshotted from a video, but if we imagine it was in a good quality, we would still be able to see the horrific usage of typography.

In 2008 did not get any better:


For some bloody reason, I have decided that I need a background around the letters. I believe this was the time when I created and my first website for DPProductions and I remember the logo was not very visible on white background, so adding a background to the logo itself was my design solution.

In 2009, I moved away from all that crappy typography and the age of Helvetiquish came. (With that word I mark the time where logos started to be created with just a brand name written in Helvetica-like fonts)


Again the logo was used in a video, containing a tagline on top of it.

In 2010, for the first time I introduced the name of DDOBS Designs, and since I wanted to be incorporated into the old logo somehow, I completely changed the one from 2009 to look more “festive” as I remember I was trying to achieve that by making it glow as a neon light:


Again a totally unexplainable shadow reveals behind the logo.

In the start of 2011, I decided that it’s time for DPProductions to retire as a name and only DDOBS to stay, but still a lot of people knew my brand as DPProductions so I created a transitional logo – again totally different than anything before:


And then, at the end of 2011, DDOBS became the standalone brand for my work and the first logo for it was born:


Finally, I was happy for a while with the “new” logo’s typography but somehow the “O” kept bugging me like probably it bugs you right now!

In 2012, the graphic of the “O” was removed completely and a tagline was added to the logo:


This was a period of mine where I was a huge fantasy fan, so that explains the clouds and the lightning coming out of the logo. This actually was used in an animated flash website that I once build and kept in the archives. You can see it here:

At the beginning of 2013, again a full rebrand occurred where DDOBS was changed to d.DOBS and as the “law” requires it there was a new logo on the way:


Now, this looks familiar doesn’t it! That was the first version of the logo that I use today for d.DOBS Creative. In 2013, I had it for a half a year or so, but somehow something was missing to it. I decided to add more things and see what happens:


Well, this happened, something more personal, but yet again the sign after the S and the “DESIGNS” tagline continued to bother me for a while, so I was considering to remove them.

In 2014, I went back to the black and white colours, removed the apostrophe and changed the tagline


It became d.DOBS The Creative Brand, a.k.a. d.DOBS Creative Ltd.

Of course, it might seem that this is all but it’s not.

In 2015, there was again a change to the logo.


The tagline has been made bolder!

This were 9 years of Logo History of d.DOBS Creative. I don’t know what is coming in 2016 but even though

The unknown scares us, remember that the fear of change can keep us from walking into some of the greatest things life offers! Take the step forward, don’t be scared of your dreams!

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